David and Rachael :: Engaged

May 15, 2018

It's pretty fantastic when work takes place at the beach! Last week I was able to go on a wonderful vacation with my finance's family! On the very last day, Abe and I headed to Huntington beach first thing for David and Rachael's engagement photos!  


The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! There were however, a LOT of bugs. They were swarming around us, biting us, and being as pesky and they could possibly be! The night before, Abe and I had picked up bug spray just in case. After coating ourselves in it, the bugs kept coming. David and Rachael were total champs, and you can't even tell they were being eaten by bugs in the pictures! Abe went to the car to find a solution and it worked! You'll have to scroll down to the end to see what he did! 


Ever since my first contact with Rachael, I have loved talking with her! She is the sweetest girl with an infectious laugh! They got engaged right around the time that Abe and I got engaged, so we have had fun swapping stories and running ideas for our weddings past each other. 


I am so excited to photograph their wedding next month! Enjoy this little sneak peek of their engagement photos! 














And for a little behind the scenes...


Abe made the bugs go away by waving the beach chair in front of them. I'm just wondering how I did photoshoots without him?! 



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