Why a Tiny House?

June 4, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen that Abe and I are building a tiny house to live in once we're married! We're super pumped about our plan and maybe a little nervous. We love the reactions we get from people on this - some people think we're cool and some people think we're nuts! So, what brought us to this decision?! Well, I'm going to share a little background on how the idea became our action plan. 


For me, the thought of tiny houses started festering years ago. I was single and traveled a lot. I started saving to buy a house when I was 19 or 20, but wasn't in a hurry. I thought I might get lonely and I didn't really want to have roommates either. So what did I do? Kept living with my parents (they're the cool kind of parents to live with...they want me there, and I like being there) and saving money. I thought it might be fun to have a tiny house and move around with it. Of course, I was thinking a very very tiny house...one that an SUV could pull. It was just a thought though. I'm not sure I would have ever acted on it without Abe. There were a lot of details that I didn't know how to figure out so I just didn't think seriously about it. 


Fast forward a few years later to Abe and I dating very seriously and talking about the future. I'm not quite sure when we first started discussing tiny houses, but we actually had the idea to start a business building tiny houses and selling them. We looked into it a good bit and went to see a few, but pretty much thought they weren't for us.

I remember one day when we went to see a park model (they're wider and longer than most tiny homes) and I said "Oh, now I could live in this!!" 


After thinking about the logistics and costs, we decided the tiny house business wasn't something we were going to do just yet. After all, between school, work, and two businesses I'm not sure we could possibly have had any time to spare starting ANOTHER business. We stopped talking tiny houses for a while. 


Earlier this year, we knew marriage was coming up and we were discussing what we would do for housing. Almost simultaneously one of our friends introduced us to some photographers from The Dusty Lens Cap. They were building a tiny house and they were telling us about their reasons why. After that, Abe and I started talking about tiny houses again. We sure could save a lot of money by living that way! 


We started running numbers...how much apartment living would cost plus utilities and such. We really hate the thought of "throwing away" money every month instead of investing it. We're not in the position to buy a house yet and we don't want to rent. 


Abe will be in school for a little bit when we first get married and I will be establishing my businesses in South Carolina. We love the thought of building our tiny house now while we're working, and we will have nothing to pay monthly once we're married other than the obvious living costs like utilities (which are wayyy cheap in a tiny house!), food, cell phone bills, insurance, etc. I think Dave Ramsey would be proud (we're currently taking his Financial Peace class, can you tell?).  Ha! 


In the past we had often said we would not want to build a house. All of the little decisions would drive us crazy...now look at us :) I think we can handle the decisions on such a small scale...not to mention there are only so many options for an 8 foot wide/24 foot long space. It's so much fun planning our home together. 


How far have we gotten? We've purchased our trailer (one of the biggest and most expensive parts), and we've got almost all of our windows, all of our flooring, and the floor plans have just about been finalized. Our big framing day is set to take place on June 16th, so before that gets here we'll get those materials in place and be ready to go! 


I spend a lot of time on Facebook Marketplace and running by discount stores to check and see if they have any of the items we're looking for. So far, doing it this way has already saved us so much money, and that's just for windows, flooring, and the trailer. 


(On our way to purchase the trailer) 


As we build, I'll be trying to update here, but most updates will be on Instagram, so follow along using the hashtag #tinycrowsnest or follow us at @abecrow @photosbyhailey @hailey_hug .




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