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July 24, 2018

I tried publishing this blogpost about 4 times yesterday and every time I did, my internet went out. It's finally fixed so here's some cuteness to start your Tuesday off with! 


Dan and Tabitha are good friends of mine! We grew up in the same church and I even got to photograph their wedding! Tabitha and I have done all kinds of things together from a beach trip to Mexican dinners with friends, to helping with weddings, to self defense classes. 


Speaking of self defense classes - I still laugh about how I found out she was pregnant with August. Every Tuesday night we'd go to class together and Tabitha was always up for trying out all of the moves. This particular night we were practicing a move where we threw someone over our shoulder. She refused to do it that night. I kept trying to talk her into trying it, but she said she didn't want to.  I jokingly said "are you pregnant?" and yep, she sure was! Leave it to me to spoil the exciting news...


I've loved seeing Tabitha and Dan become parents. They obviously think August is the coolest little guy, and everyone else seems to think so as well. I mean how could you not...just look at the pictures! 
































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