David and Rachael :: Wedding

July 17, 2018

I'm so excited to share David and Rachael's wedding on the blog! You may recognize this couple from their engagement pictures a few months ago at the beach! I have loved getting to know Rachael over the last few months. She has such a love for people, and is kind to everyone she encounters! She is absolutely smitten with David! 


On her wedding day, her friend was buttoning the back of her dress, and Rachael thoughtfully said "it's really happening. I can't believe it's really happening!" I'm not sure there was a single moment that day that she was not smiling! I truly loved getting to be there and photograph this beautiful wedding! 


David and Rachael, congratulations! I can't wait to hang out more in the future! 



























































Also, many many thanks to Abbie Fant for all of her help in assisting me that day! She is truly a wonderful photographer, and I'm pumped whenever she gets to come along and assist. Also she showed up with coffee that morning for me. I think she gets major bonus points for that!! 











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