The Cost of Our Tiny House

July 23, 2019

Here it is…the money post! When we started building our house, we wanted to be super transparent about how much money we planned to spend and how much we’d end up spending. I’ve been putting off sharing this because there’s quite a few factors that went into the final cost of our house.


You've probably guessed or heard it, but our whole goal and purpose in building and living in a tiny house was so that we could get married and have a place to live that would keep expenses really low while Abe finished school. I was moving to the Greenville area after being 100% self-employed in Atlanta, and we didn’t want living costs to be a big immediate concern starting off our marriage. We decided that in order to reach that goal, we wanted to own our place and pay for it with cash. 


As we got started, we bought almost everything (except for the lumber) second hand. I spent hours each week stalking Facebook Marketplace and Restore for things we needed. We initially talked about wanting to spend around 15k for the house and just buy everything used/cheap. As we continued in the project, we did decide to spend more money on nicer finishes and better options because we were able to afford it. There were a few key items that were more expensive than we had planned and that brought the cost up as well. Towards the end of the build, we did hire out electric and plumbing work. That increased the total cost by a few thousand dollars, but that was very worth it for us. 

By the end of it, we had spent $27,000 on the house. That includes all appliances and furniture in the house. 


The tricky part about our cost is that I don’t think we could build this same house with all of the features it has again for the same price. We had extremely generous people who helped us with their skills in helping us build, giving advise, and letting us use tools. Without them, the tools we needed would have brought the cost up, labor would have increased the price quite a bit, and it would have taken us much longer than 6 months to complete. We also had several friends and family that purchased big items for our house as wedding gifts. 



After almost 7 months of living in our Tiny Crow's Nest, we can say very enthusiastically that we’re so happy we did it! The decision to build and live in our tiny house has absolutely served the purpose we’d hoped it would in helping us save money/live inexpensively. 

Our original goal was to live here for a year. At this point, we aren't in any hurry to leave - but you also never know what's around the corner! 

We're so thankful for our little place. 




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