Our Engagement - March 22, 2018

April 5, 2018


This is a fun story to write about! I've blogged about the engagement of many couples before, and now it's time to write about mine!! 


I'm not a very patient person. I like to know things and have things quickly, however I do know that's a very unrealistic (and disappointing) way to live life, so instead I really try to pace myself! When Abe and I met in the summer of 2016, I knew that if we started dating we would have a good bit of a wait ahead of us. Our relationship was well worth it. 


We had been dating for a few weeks and we both knew we wanted to get married, but we also knew we had a long wait ahead of us. Over time we have talked about getting married, where we'd live, what we'd do. We had pretty much covered it all. 





I say all of that to give some back story. I didn't let myself do any major wedding planning before we were engaged.  It's hard to explain, but I pretty much planned and knew we'd be married, I just didn't allow it to be a reality in mind just yet - ya know, pacing myself. Ha! 



Skip ahead to the beginning of this year. We had figured out that we would be able to get married in 2019, and started talking about engagement and wedding and plans for living, etc. It was so exciting, and I knew engagement would be sometime this year. I have always wanted wanted to be surprised when I got engaged, but I figured I would probably have a good idea of when Abe would propose. Mostly because I'm way nosy and usually put every little clue together to get an idea of a surprise brewing. I'm also really good at overthinking and had played every little scenario in my head - I actually had to force myself to quit doing that. I also tried very very hard not to ask Abe tricky questions and not to inquire too much about things that were going on. It really was quite the act of self control. ;) 


Abe's spring break was in March, and we had planned to go visit his brother and his wife in Florida. I had a super quick thought, wondering if he'd propose that week, but quickly brushed it aside because as far as I knew he was still working on getting a ring. I also looked for hints that week, and there were absolutely none. I even watched to see if he was protective of a certain bag, and he wasn't. 


I'm your typical photographer - I really wanted our engagement to be photographed, and there was no way one of my friends would be down to Florida for that without me knowing. I will be going to the beach with his family in May, and I sort of had it in my head that that was when we'd get engaged (he knows I love the beach). 


We had a great time that week. Abe made the same comments and jokes he's made before while we've been dating, "I need to put a ring on that finger", "You should just ask me to marry you already", etc. He didn't act off of funny at all. 




Abe and I went to the beach on Thursday morning and hung out for the day. We started the morning with some pictures, a Starbucks coffee for me, walking on the beach, some volleyball, and some sitting in the sun. It got pretty chilly when the wind picked up in the afternoon, so we rode our bikes for a few hours. We biked to an ice cream shop, took some drone videos, and just had fun hanging out. Noah and Brittany met us when they got off of work. We did a quick change and got right to our little photoshoot. It was super fun, and we took turns taking pictures for quite a while. I taught Brittany how to use my camera and she caught on super fast!


After a while, it was getting cold on the beach and I was pretty ready to go get the seafood we'd been talking about having all day. Abe really wanted to go back to the spot we'd gone to each day to park and enter the beach. He wanted a picture on the boardwalk there, so Noah drove us back to that spot. I started telling Abe all of the reasons the lighting was bad for a picture there. In the meantime a ton of people started to show up to watch the sunset. They were all standing right on the boardwalk and talking about how it might be an awful sunset if the clouds kept coming in. 




I was a little confused because it seemed like everyone was tired of taking pictures and was ready to leave...but we weren't leaving. Abe really wanted another picture, but then when we'd go to take it, and it was like he didn't actually want the picture. We finally decided to go out to the (cold) beach and get away from the crowd.  Side note: Abe had told absolutely no one that he was planning to propose that night. Brittany started to catch on though...apparently he kept reaching for his backpack and would put it down every time I turned around. She helped him out by asking me to take a picture of she and Noah walking down the beach. After I did that, she asked if we wanted a picture like that. I really didn't - we had taken so many pictures, it was cold, and I was ready to eat...but we did it anyway.

(I had to add this one...this is me being grumpy and Abe getting nervous) 


As we started to walk away from her, she said "Wait! It says the memory card is full!" and  Abe said, "what?! It can't be full". I thought was funny because we had SO many pictures already! I walked back to clear 20 more photos for this "last shot", and we started our walk back down the beach. Abe was walking quickly and I was talking about how the broken seashells were hurting my feet. 


POOR ABE! I was about to ruin it for him! He was starting to think he should propose the next day! 


We finally stopped and looked back at the camera. I was like "alright! Is that good?" and he said "just one more" and got down. It took me a minute to catch on. I was standing there waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do for the pose, but then he took my hands and looked up at me and he had tears in his eyes. I caught on immediately then and started bawling! 




He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! I can't explain the feeling of excitement/shock/happiness/unbelief, but I never want to forget it. I could not believe it was ACTUALLY happening. I cried a lot, and was completely shocked. It was absolutely perfect! As we were leaving that night I kept tearing up just thinking about it and how surprised and happy I was. 


I'm still pitching myself...I'M GOING TO MARRY ABE!






If you want to see a little video from the day, click below! 


HUGE thanks to Noah and Brittany for capturing the whole thing! They didn't know Abe was going to propose, but they caught on fast and documented it all! These pictures and videos will always be so so special! 




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