A Best Date

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines day! Today I'm running from work at home to a class, to house showings, to teaching the kids class at church tonight. Abe and I have a pretty packed week going on, so we will be celebrating this weekend after they craziness is through! 


As I was driving the other day, I was wondering what people would say their favorite or best date was. I was curious and thought I should post about it on Facebook and or Instagram and see what people's response was. I was trying to think of what I thought was the best date Abe and I have been on. I don't think I came up with ONE...maybe like 50!  I was thinking about a particularly special date though, and that was last valentines day. So I decided that valentines day would be a good time to blog about it! 


 Photo credits to Jodi Byrnes.


Here's a little backstory to that day: 


Valentines was on Tuesday. Abe had classes at Clemson and I had work. I knew we wouldn't be able to hang out that day, and that was ok.  I'd actually never spent valentines day with a boyfriend, so it didn't feel weird. I have always loved the holiday without a boyfriend. Mom and dad wrote us cards, gave us candy, and we would make valentines cookies, special deserts, and cards for each other. It was always so much fun! I never thought valentines was sad when I didn't have boyfriend, I loved it! 


But last year I did have a boyfriend! I knew that would be fun, but I wasn't heartbroken knowing we wouldn't be spending the day together. I also knew we'd celebrate later. That week was rough though. I don't remember all of the details that made it that way, but I think we had both been very busy in the weeks leading up to it, and hadn't been able to talk or hang out much.  If you have ever dated long distance, you know that sometimes it can get hard (when I was single, I had always thought it might be sorta fun - HA!). So we hadn't been able to talk much, I felt swallowed up in work, didn't feel well, and I just missed him. It was just one of those days where ya wake up unhappy and that's just how the day kept rolling. 


On Monday night, Abe had told me he needed me to pick up a package from the post office that I frequented the next day. I thought that was sort of odd since I'd never picked up a package at the post office, but hey, if he was sending me a package, I'd be there!! As I said, I was feeling a little under the weather that day, so I was totally dragging. I was late for the pickup time for my package. Abe texted to check and see if I had gotten it yet. As I was driving there, I sort of wondered if he would be there waiting for me. Between that and a few hints my family had accidentally given, I wondered if he came down to Georgia. I tried to quickly put the thought out of my mind because I knew I would be very disappointed if I believed he'd be there and he wasn't. In the back of my mind there was definitely a little hopefulness and excitement. I turned left, went through the light, and got into the turn lane for the post office. 


There it was, that Honda Accord with the bike rack was sitting in the parking lot! I got so excited! I couldn't wait to see him! He had been waiting on me (I shoulda put a little skip in my step!) and got right out of the car and came to meet me with a hand full of flowers! When I saw him coming I started to get emotional and tried hard to gulp up my tears as we gave each other a big hug. I couldn't believe it! Here was there in Georgia! He'd come to see me and surprise me! 


(Photo credits to little Alex!) 


He had the whole day planned out. First we could go to the park close by then we'd go pick up the little boy I nannied. He had even gotten in touch with my boss to make sure it was ok to do that. It was wonderful. We sat and talked at the park, walked the trails a little, then headed to pick up Alex from school. After we finished at work, the fun continued! He had planned to get Chipotle (basically the equivalent to a super fancy restaurant for me...I loooove that place) and take it to the lake to eat dinner. He had thought of it all! I sat at the picnic table while he set up candles, a speaker, and mini M&Ms (another favorite). Dinner was so fun, and I loved every minute of it. 


After we ate, I remember sitting beside him feeling so loved and so special. It meant the world to me that he had taken off of classes to come down and see me for a few hours. I was overwhelmed by it and started to get emotional again. This time I couldn't gulp the tears back and they just came. It was the first time I had ever cried in front of him - poor guy, he probably thought he had done something wrong! It sort of makes me tear up remembering it! 


That....that is one of my favorite dates. I'm so blessed to be dating Abe. He makes me feel so loved and special all of the time. There was something about that time though...he sure did Valentines right. :) 


Photo credits go to one of my brides, Kendal Gorsline for this one! 




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