2018 Business Planning

February 12, 2018

On Friday afternoon, I post an Instagram photo from the beach with the following caption: 




" I took a business planning trip. A photography business and a real estate business was making my head spin in a million directions. I needed to make decisions and come up with a plan! So my friend @rachel_champ15 and I booked a cheap room with an ocean view and hit the road for two days at the beach. I read, analyzed, and brainstormed! Doesn't everyone think better at the beach?!


"If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail".


I'm ready to win now 😏 . "


That post pretty much sums it up. I spent a few days and several hours reading books and brainstorming about ways I could make my businesses more profitable. My sweet boyfriend bought be a planner just for this trip and several different colored Sharpie pens! I put them all to good use and planned away! I needed to come up with a list of things I should be doing monthly, weekly, and daily. 


This is sort of the layout of each page (all color coded of course): 



- Monthly Tasks: This is where I listed things I wanted to be doing once a month for my photography business. Things like blog planning, newsletter planning, contacting clients, etc. 

- Weekly Tasks: These are blog posts, instagram/Facebook posts, podcasts, book reading, etc. 

- Daily Tasks: Check emails, respond to comments, edit, errands, etc.


I did the same with my Real Estate Business - monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. 


On another page, I broke the tasks down into days. Which days of the month or days of the week I would complete those tasks. I can't tell you how helpful it is to see everything written out like that! Now I'm ready to start acting on those plans. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. The fact that I'm getting a blog post up on a Monday morning alone is a result of my plan!  


Also, another one of my goals this year is to create more videos. I love watching good videos, and I also feel like it gives you a peek into people's lives and personality. I decided to execute one of those goals on this trip and do a little video from it. I probably took a total of 10 pictures during the trip, but I got that video done! I even have a little bit of drone footage in there! Enjoy! 




Happy Monday everyone! 


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